City Towing SJPD Impound Facility

*** Auction Description ***

City Towing has been a family owned business since 1957, providing tow and storage services to the community and to local law enforcement agencies including the San Jose Police Department.

Almost every Tuesday at 1:00pm they auction off about 15 vehicles in order to cover the liens in accordance with the California Vehicle Code. A lien sale is conducted on all vehicles stored in the facility for more than 72 hours. If the legal owner does not recover the vehicle by the lien sale date their vehicle will be auctioned off.

You can find incredible deals at tow yard auctions including City Towing because they are only looking to satisfy the amount of the lien (to cover the cost of towing and storage).

It is best to call them on Monday, the day before the auction, to make sure the auction is going to happen. Phone: (408) 297-6792

City Towing will post a list of available cars at about 10:00am on Tuesday, the day of the auction. It is posted at their location, and NOT posted on their website.

There are no fees to register or bid. You just need an ID, such as a Driver’s License, and must pay a $200 deposit at the end of the auction if you purchase a vehicle. The full amount of the sale is due before the end of the day at 5:00pm.

*** Auction Schedule ***
Auctions are held Tuesdays at 1:00pm. The list of available vehicles is posted there at about 10:00am that morning. Call on Monday to make sure the auction is happening.
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